Hello Wildwood Campers,
We wanted to provide the Campground Rules on Children & Supervision of them on campground property and all general park rules.

PLAYGROUND – we want all the children to enjoy the playground we provide in the park. For their safety, no children under the age of 12 should be at the playground without an adult to supervise them. Please make sure one adult is at the playground, with them, always.

PONDS and all WATERWAYS – Children should be always supervised, at all the waterways and or Ponds. They should not be riding bikes through the waterways and or pond areas. Again, we want to make sure they enjoy these areas, but their safety is the utmost priority.

TRAILS – children should NOT be on the trails without adult supervision.

GOLF CARTS – no children under the age of 16 should be driving or operating ANY golf carts whether they be rented or privately owned. They should be seated and there should be no more than 4 passengers on the golf cart. No one should be traveling over 5 mph.

Curfew for all children will be 9:00 p.m. They should be on their sites by this time.
During the day, all children riding bicycles throughout the park should wear helmets and practice bicycle safety, be aware of oncoming traffic whether that be vehicles and or golf carts.

All should be aware no destruction of campground equipment, gazebos, pavilion, restrooms, etc will be tolerated. As these rules are enforced, children will be escorted back to their site for the parents and or guardians to address it further with the staff and / or owners.

No Washing of Personal Vehicles.
All Visitors Must Check in at the office, fill out form & get a placard for their vehicle window.
All Campers – your stay has a start date and an end date. We want you to feel welcome and enjoy the park.
Please be respectful of your neighbors and understand we cannot have you upsetting other tenants, disturbing the peace and harmony of the campground, and or coming into the park prior to of after your stay unless you notify the office. This is for many reasons, but mainly to secure the park which is private property.
When traveling through the park, make sure to go only 5 m.p.h.
Please no fires on windy days. Limit Use of accelerant, we have great fire starters in the store for sale. Fires should be put out prior to go to bed or leaving property.
Pets Must be Leashed and Cleaned up after.
Limit Garbage to 1 Bag per weekend for the Dumpster. No Dumping Home Items.
Please do no throw cigarette butts out of the windows, off golf carts and anywhere on the property. Please dispose of them properly.
Quiet Time is 11:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.
Fishing is Permitted and is CATCH & RELEASE in the large pond. After May 24, 2021, the front pond will be able to be fished in as well.
See WIFI Instructions on Centre WISP if you want to purchase WIFI Calling, Internet and or Streaming.

No Golf Carts, whether owned by campers and or rented to campers, will be allowed to be on the trails after October 1st.
No motorized vehicle of any sort, will be allowed to be on the trails.
No children should be on the trails with bicycles and if walking must be with a parent and or guardian.
As a suggestion, if you or your family decides to walk the trails, please be aware, once hunting season has started, it is being recommended to wear orange so that potential hunters are aware. The campground will not be enforcing but will not be held liable as well if you decide not to take this safety measure.
3 warnings will be given on the rules, after that, possible restrictions will be placed on the camper and or camping privileges will be suspended for the remainder of your stay.
Act 33 became law in August of 2020. Copies of the article announcing to campground owners have been posted in the office/store, at the bulletin board by the Food Truck.
Thank you all for understanding in advance, we want you ALL to enjoy the campground safely during your stay. Your Home Away from Home.


At Wildwood RV Resort, we love our furry campers.  We have MANY furry campers here.  So, with that said, we need our campers to ensure their safety with other campers, as well as each other.

  1.  All Dogs must be leashed at all times, while at their campsites, but especially walking around the park.
  2. Humans, please clean up after them, as they can’t do that for themselves.  We have dog bag stations throughout the park.  Too many with no clean up is a mess we are trying to avoid so that children and campers can enjoy the fields and playing areas for Frisbee Golf.
  3. Don’t assume campers, that all feel safe around dogs.  Please respect each other, so our furry friends can enjoy their time here as well as the humans !
  4. No Dogs in the Pavilion.  Just to much activity.
  5. Keep the Children safe.  Not all dogs want to be played with by Children.  Don’t Assume.

We ask all campers with and without Dogs, to respect each other so all may enjoy the entire resort, during their stay.
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