Our Resort Map Shows It All

Make sure you go the speed limit of 5 MPH on the Park!  We have many children riding bikes, playing and campers walking.

Enjoy our 4 Miles of Trails for Walking or Riding, Can Use Golf Carts & ATVs – All must stay 5 MPH.

Cabin & RV Sites Located in Fox Run Circle Perfect for Family Gathering for those that have family or friend who do and do not have RVs.

Sites 86, 87, 88, 79 and 80 are available for just that.

G1 – G12 Sites for Groups.

Sites 45, 46, 47, 42, 43 and 43B Available for Groups.

18 and 18 B Face each other, and we have 19 & 20 for 4 in a row.

Happy Hut Village has the Colorado Tent and 4 Huts – Perfect for 1-2 People – Hikers, Dirt Bikers, Family Members who will be at your RV Site, but need a place to sleep.  Perfect for Youth Groups, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts etc.

Call 717.743.9096 to help set up your group and or questions.

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