We are very happy to announce the details of the new service that is being offered at the Wildwood RV. WIFI Calling in these times is very important so that everyone can have communication with their loved ones.

Facebook, Gaming, Work and Schooling, etc. several of you have said, if you could have that availability here, you want it.

SKYWEB and Wildwood RV Resort worked together to come up with what we feel is the most beneficial for us all. Great service and a reasonable price.

When arriving on the property, if you go into Settings on your smartphone, you can select the service days you want. If you just want the service for one day, on the weekend, you can select a one day package at $4.95. If you want it for the weekend, you select the 3 day option at $7.95. If you are here for a week you can pay for the $14.95 option. If you plan on being here for a month straight, you can select the monthly option at $41.95.  

Seasonals now have an option for 6 months, 9 months, or 1 year.

You can customize this as you wish. No Contracts. You pay only for what you select each time you’re on the property.

Once you select your option and pay for it, you will be sent an email with the receipt. YOUR EMAIL IS YOUR PASSWORD. You then go into your other devices and go into settings and select SKYWEB WILDWIFI.   You can connect up to 4 devices.

The AMENITIES are password protected for the Arcade, Pool, Pavilion and the Business Center. See the manager.  These are compliments of Wildwood RV Resort for events in these areas.

There is no contract and you do NOT have to take this service. If you are content with what you presently have that is perfectly fine with us.

Frequently Asked Questions…

If you are coming on a Thursday, you can select the $4.95 option, and then the 3 day weekend option. You control how and when it works for you and how your budget is. You do not have to pay for a service when you are not here.

This is not a shared network, so when the campground is FULL, your service will not be affected. If you have a problem you will be able to contact SKYWEB directly. Your service for your site will work anywhere on property. It’s like each site is a different home in a residential community, just different in that you don’t live here. No more voucher numbers each time.

As an example….Dish Network Tailgators you can order the USB Internet stick, for a one time fee from Dish. Plug it into your Wally and Stream Netflix, On Demand. Gaming Systems can be connected. Roku, Apple TV, all should work. You again control what is attached to your site, up to 4

If you have an issue, call SkyWeb at the number provided.  If you do not get an answer, or resolution, contact Kelly.  As always, if you have any questions, please let us know. The below handout is given to all campers at time of check-in.  Seasonal Campers, one was placed in your mailboxes, in the office.

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